Hello again


Hope you had a lovely christmas and new year, I was truly spoilt by Santa and I got everything that I wanted!
I am looking for a new job if anyone has any ideas? I’m bored of staying at home so I want to find something to fill my time, preferably something that involves bananas and a little bit of mischief!
Let me know if you have any ideas,


Nap Time


I’m having a little nap as I have had a long week, party after party! I’m exhausted. I met Father Christmas today but he said I couldn’t have any presents as I Haven’t been a good boy! I don’t know what he means, I’m always on my best behaviour! Hehe!! I know Andy will get me a Christmas present and it will be better than father Christmas’ present anyway so nehhh!
Anyway, night night xx

Hot tub!


Oooo what a lovely hot tub! I’ve had a spa day today, I’ve been really pampered, I’ve had a facial and massage, I’m very very relaxed now. I’ve even had a phone call from Andy and he is very jealous of my monkey holiday! He is at work saving up for my Christmas presents! I do miss him but me and baby monkey are having a great time.

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