Hello again


Hope you had a lovely christmas and new year, I was truly spoilt by Santa and I got everything that I wanted!
I am looking for a new job if anyone has any ideas? I’m bored of staying at home so I want to find something to fill my time, preferably something that involves bananas and a little bit of mischief!
Let me know if you have any ideas,


Nap Time


I’m having a little nap as I have had a long week, party after party! I’m exhausted. I met Father Christmas today but he said I couldn’t have any presents as I Haven’t been a good boy! I don’t know what he means, I’m always on my best behaviour! Hehe!! I know Andy will get me a Christmas present and it will be better than father Christmas’ present anyway so nehhh!
Anyway, night night xx

Hot tub!


Oooo what a lovely hot tub! I’ve had a spa day today, I’ve been really pampered, I’ve had a facial and massage, I’m very very relaxed now. I’ve even had a phone call from Andy and he is very jealous of my monkey holiday! He is at work saving up for my Christmas presents! I do miss him but me and baby monkey are having a great time.



Loving my holiday, today I went to the aquarium, the fishes were really colourful, I had a great time, I went to a restaurant for lunch and had fish finger sandwiches, yummy! Then I chilled on the beach for the rest of the day.

All packed


I’m all packed and ready to go, flight leaves at lunch time so I’m just waiting for my taxi to come and pick me up. I’m so excited, what an amazing holiday this will be! This is baby monkeys first holiday so he is abit nervous of the flight but he is super excited as well!

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